2 thoughts on “How to develop foreign customers in the freight forwarding industry?”

  1. 1. Sincerity and enthusiasm. Although the competition is fierce, many import and export companies or foreign trade salespersons have their own cooperation partners, and the possibility of intervention is small, but everyone still has to track enthusiastically and seriously. The tracking here is to maintain continuous connection and continuous communication. Instead of deliberately pursuing any orders, it is to make friends first. The freight forwarder I use now is from others to become friends. Sometimes although the charges are high, I still arrange the goods to be responsible for him. Because trust and stability are more important than service fees. The reason why many foreign trade companies are not easy to enter are also due to a reason for the considering stability of foreign trade companies.

    2, the strength of freight rates. A Korean container, you report to 260, he reports 220, of course you do not have an advantage. Why is there a gap because of customer relationships. APL's Beijing manager also invites me to dinner. Can you say that the price I take is the same as the price of ordinary companies? It must be different. Therefore, the business of many freight forwarding and shipping companies is now friends, that is, relying on friends to take some low prices to pick up the business. But everyone must know here, not the price is low. Because the salesperson of a foreign trade company will not deliberately pursue the height of freight, the freight is estimated before. Those who often do import and export hope the price is stable. This is convenient for accounting costs. After all, the contract should be done for a long time. Although some small factories in the south are also exporting, the price is low and cannot be discussed as a general discussion.

    The suggests that you can build your own advantageous routes. Some freight companies clearly stated that taking the United States and me the best discount, some are Japan, and so on. Building one of your best prices in your area is a cornerstone that you move towards success. I have said at the manager's meeting that it is necessary to establish a small -scale monopoly. Monopoly is an advantage. If you get the advantages that others do not have, then you have the possibility of success.

    3, perseverance cares about your customers. Some freight generations sent a business card and then disappeared. This is not good. If you want to get a customer, you need to keep in touching in your customer and potential customers, establish your customer base, and build your customer familiarity. Build your service advantage. Make a call every month or every two months. We ask business personnel to visit large customers every month. Although there is no contract, exchanges also help future cooperation.

    4. Establish a good cooperative relationship with customs. This is indeed a place that can impress foreign trade companies. After China joined the WTO, many companies and factories have obtained import and export management rights to engage in self -employment, but business personnel do not have a good comprehensive level. Therefore, customs clearance and customs clearance requires the help of freight forwarding. You have a good customs relationship that may be more important than freight.

    5, the business ability of the document should be strong. It is necessary to help customers understand, explain documents, and even help customers make materials. This is a basic knowledge ability. Not all foreign trade personnel understand the documents. Sometimes you are their teachers, and to explain to them what the basis is needed. Maybe they can sell products to foreign customers, but they may not understand the documents necessary for foreign trade.

    6. Keep a good relationship with the shipping company. Here are some shipping companies that can be removed and repaired. This is a service that can help importing companies that can do, and it is easy to have a good impression.

    7, there is a foreign trade cooperation company. Now some factories are also exporting, and there may not be import and export rights, but some foreign manufacturers have been found through interconnected networks. Then you can help him when you find that such factories that have no import and export rights can help him. Not only took the business, but also represented it.

    8, establishing cooperative relationships with insurance companies. Some of them are looking for insurance companies by themselves, and some commissioned freight agency companies.

    In short, the freight agency should strengthen business learning, master more comprehensive knowledge, and build their own advantageous service content. Talking and vomiting must be elegant, not humble, and leave a good image for customers.

  2. This is not the domestic market that you can solve very well. You can do it well. It is good to have a lot of opportunities. Can you go to the foreign market at least in foreign countries to contact close agency companies? And it must be carried out on the basis of domestic business

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