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  1. First: there is no absolute or bad person for state -owned enterprises and private enterprises. Generally speaking, the state -owned enterprise environment is more dull. Unless it is a monopoly enterprise and institution, the development of state -owned enterprises is relatively small. The monopoly I refer to refers to the enviable units such as electricity, transportation, and oil. Generally speaking, for fresh graduates with ideal ambitions, foreign companies are still favored. Private companies are not very popular because they do not connect with technology from management to technology. Choosing an environment, I think it is mainly considering whether it has vitality. Whether the technical content is very high and whether it is a cultivation company. Is there a prospect for the development of the industry? Of course, you must first consider personal interests. From your professional analysis, you are a foreign trade in machinery, so first of all, you still consider your future development direction from the direction of interest. Whether it is technological research and development or trade. However, whether it is technology or trade, there will be more technical backgrounds. Therefore, the conclusion is as follows, it is recommended to choose the technology of multinational foreign companies or R

  2. According to a survey of relevant US agencies, most young people do not know what they are going to do.
    This, first ask five questions: Where do I go? Where am I? what do I have? Where is my gap? how should I do?
    The above five issues cover many aspects such as goals, positioning, conditions, distance, planning, etc. As long as you refine and carefully designed the above key points to make your own factors and social conditions to the greatest extent to meet the greatest extent , Control the implementation process, and be able to know and avoid harm in real life, making career planning more practical significance.

    . Doing career positioning
    Plashing is the unity of self -positioning and social positioning. Only on the basis of understanding yourself and occupation can you make accurate positioning for yourself.
    The personal characteristics (1) Desires (Desires)) (ability to do things) At this stage of life, what do you want? (2) Abilitch what are you good at? (General technology and special technology) (3) Personal characteristics (temperament, nature) () (temperament, nature) What type of person are you? Under what circumstances are the best performance? (4) Assets (assets) (tangible and invisible), what are you having advantages than others?
    E each crowd needs to be located, and its purpose is to ensure that it is continuously developed. However, the focus of the positioning of each group is different: the focus is to clarify what they have. Excessive or too low valuation yourself, too much values ​​your own diploma, or values ​​your achievements, some are too underestimating your potential. Therefore, you need to carefully analyze yourself and understand more about social needs in order to accurately locate. In most cases, the correct idea is to do what you should do, not to do what you like

    The is suitable for you;
    found out your true value- Determining career anchor

    "Professional anchor" is the concept of "godfather" level status in the field of career planning, which is proposed by Professor E.H. Shi En in the United States. This concept was originally generated in the special group of the Slong Research Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, which was interpreted from the vertical research of the graduates of the Sloan Research Institute.
    The so -called professional anchor is a acquisition part of self -intention. After entering the early work situation, it is determined by the practical work experience of acquired, which is consistent with the motivation, needs, values, and talents of self -introspection in experience to achieve a stable occupational positioning of self -satisfaction and compensation.
    Edgar Schnen believes that career design is a continuous exploration process. As a person knows more and more about himself, this person will become more and more obvious. anchor". This so -called "career anchor" refers to the important thing or values ​​in the occupation that a person has to choose, no matter how he will give up Surrounded by the center. Factors affecting a person's career anchor are: 1. talent and ability; 2. work motivation and needs; 3. Life attitude and values.
    The collections of work experience, interest, qualifications, sexual orientation, etc., have become his "career anchor". It tells this person what is the most important thing. In the process of life, sort out your professional experience and clarify your career positioning, you can let yourself take less detours and strode towards success.
    It let's do a small test below to see which career anchor you are.
    1. Which areas do you mainly be interested in in high school (if so)? Why are you interested in these fields? What do you feel about these fields?!
    2. What areas do you mainly interested in in college? Why are you interested in these fields? What do you feel about these fields?
    3. What is the first job you engaged in after graduation? (If you are related, the service is still among them.) What do you expect to get from this kind of work?
    4. When you start your own career, what is your ambition or long -term goal? Is this ambition or long -term goal changed? If so, when is it? Why is it changed? D
    5. What is your first change of job or company? What do you expect the next job to bring you?
    6. What is your situation of changing jobs, changing companies, or career? How can you make changes? What are you pursuing? (Please answer these few of your replacement, company or occupation, Question.)
    7. When you look back at your career experience, what do you feel most happy about yourself? What do you think is the most pleasant when you think these times?
    8. When you look back at your career experience, what do you feel most unhappy? What do you think of these times make you feel unpleasant?
    9. Have you ever refused to engage in a certain job or promotion opportunity? Why?
    10. Now please check all your answers carefully and read the description of the five occupations (management, technology or functional, safe, creative, autonomy and independent).
    It, according to your answers to the above questions, each occupation anchor gives a certain score between 1 to 5, respectively, of which 1 represents the lowest importance; 5 represents the highest importance.

    The job is the same as doing other things. There are also methods and skills. Many people can't find a job because they don't have the ability to do things, but because they don't use the correct methods and certain skills in the process of finding a job. The so -called technique mainly includes three aspects:

    I. Understand yourself, including understanding your own knowledge, skills, personality, hobbies, and physical conditions. Before finding a job, you must have a comprehensive understanding of yourself, you must know what job you can do in that way, not suitable for what work. Finding a job cannot be high -eyed, but it is obvious that you have no ability to do but have to do it. The result must be rejected outside the door.

    . Learn about the occupation and industry you choose. Understand the work content, work nature and requirements of practitioners. Those who can do related jobs from relatives and friends can learn about the situation, and they can also ask others who work in this area. They have rich experience and profound experience. They can provide you with instructive information. The failure in their work process Lessons can prevent you, and your successful experience is something you can learn from.

    . Self -recommendation. On the basis of understanding yourself and work, he started to job hunting. Job search is the process of finding and getting work, usually including obtaining employment information, striving for interviews, conversations, signing and other links. Finding a job is like selling products. To let customers buy your products, you must tell the other party that your product quality is high and how fair the price is to attract people to buy such products. Similarly, when finding a job, you have to focus on such a center "I really have the ability to do this job, and the request I put forward is very reasonable." You must learn to sell yourself so that others will recognize and hire you

  3. State -owned enterprises, who said that state -owned enterprises do not exercise people?
    Is that you can consider coming to our Shandong, it is not considered the south, it is also very developed, and mechanical giants such as STDs, light riding, and other mechanical categories are in Shandong.

  4. The campus of the campus job fair is very targeted with a very targeted success. As for what you plan to do, you can first understand that those units are considering the next step
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