1 thought on “The benefits and functions of group groups”

  1. Hello QQ group is a multi -person exchange service launched by Tencent. After creating a group, the group owner can invite friends or people who have common interests to chat in a group. In addition to chatting in the group, Tencent also provides group space services. In group space, users can use a variety of communication methods such as forums, albums, and shared files. The QQ group is divided into high -level groups and ordinary groups. There can be up to 100 members in each group, and a maximum of 200 members can be available in advanced groups. However, recharge must be made to increase the population of the population. The recharge of 1 Q coin can increase the upper limit of the population of the population until 200 people. When the advanced group changes back to the ordinary group, Tencent has the right to reduce the population of the group to 100. Senior groups are the enhancement model of the group. Compared with ordinary groups, the advanced group can have a higher population limit, larger album space and larger network hard disk. Among the high -level groups, the most rechargeable people automatically become group shareholders and have the authority of administrators. But when others recharge more, group shareholders will transfer. The group space provides a powerful management group function for the group owner, which can freely set the layout and album in the group. You can set up some members in the group to help management. In addition to the group owners, a group can set up to 5 administrators to help you manage. At present, only members and grades can create groups above the sun, members can create up to 4 groups, and the level is a group of users above the sun. Tencent's window for the establishment of QQ groups for enterprises allows you to create a group even if it is not a member and level for users above the sun.

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