Recently, I found a steel trading platform called Zhuanggang Chain. Who knows whether this platform is good? Intersection

I am doing the steel industry. Recently, I saw someone promoting an online trading platform called Zhuang Gang Chain. It seems that I still have to register. Ask you how to do this platform?

3 thoughts on “Recently, I found a steel trading platform called Zhuanggang Chain. Who knows whether this platform is good? Intersection”

  1. The quality of the product is basically safe. Ali can also operate. However, as a steel, there is a unstable. Some customers take it back to process whether they meet their requirements after processing. In case it does not meet, there may be controversy, so this is why we are not too online. Like our titanium alloy, Harbin alloy nickel -based alloy, and stainless steel profiles, they often agree to online transactions for universities and universities. Generally, strange customers are offline transactions.

  2. Zhuanggang Chain is a very powerful platform. It is mainly engaged in the entire industrial chain transaction and services of black commodities such as steel and steel. Specifically, including platform transaction, supply chain finance, warehousing Internet of Things, processing and distribution, data information and research consulting Services, which is controlled by Zhuoer Zhilian, made profit in the first year of its establishment in 2018, with an annual income of 5.7 billion yuan.
    It said that the steel industry, I believe that you must have a headache for the tedious communication of offline transactions before. The "Steel Purchase E Loan 2.0" launched by Zhuosteel in early 2019 can achieve online operation. The loans and repayments can be done online. Customers do not use the platforms and banks to run on both sides of the bank to truly realize the closed -loop operation of commercial flow, capital, logistics, and information flow.
    In addition, the platform has won a number of honors since its establishment, specifically: the title of "Vice President Unit of the Iron and Steel E -commerce Branch" awarded by the China Metal Materials Circulation Association, and the "China issued by the 2018 China Industrial Internet Leadership Committee Organizing Committee Top Ten Iron and Steel E -commerce Enterprises "," China's Top 100 Enterprises in Industrial Industry "," 2018 Development Potential Award "issued by Shanghai Blue Sky Economic City, and so on.

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