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  1. Which loan company is good: the latest China's top ten loan companies rank in order: Financial, BOC Consumer Finance, Yiren Loan, Jiexin, JD Finance, Suning Finance, Fun Store, Victoria Gold, Xiaoying Technology and Paid Loan. The details of their introduction are as follows:
    1. Financial immediately
    M finance is the first batch of loan companies in my country with consumer finance licenses. Its business has spread throughout China. Finance can provide you with a credit loan of no more than 200,000 yuan, and the period of use can reach 24 months.
    2, BOC Consumption Finance
    The Bank of China Consumer Finance ranked second among the latest China's top ten loan companies and was established by Bank of China. BOC Consumer Finance can provide you with a variety of loan products, ranging from 20,000 to 200,000 yuan.
    3, Yiren Loan
    The Yiren Loan is a loan company successfully listed in the United States. It can provide you with a loan of no more than 200,000 yuan. The monthly rate can be as low as 0.78%. Essence
    4, Gitzo
    is a loan company from abroad, and there are also consumer financial licenses. Gate can provide a loan of 2000-50000 yuan for everyone, with a period of 6-48.
    5, JD Finance
    Jingdong Finance is currently ranked 5th in the latest China's top ten loan companies. JD Finance's gold bars can provide you with a loan of no more than 200,000, which is calculated by the day, and it will be repaid.
    6, Suning Finance
    Suning Finance has also been ranked in China's top ten loan companies. It can provide you with loans of no more than 200,000 yuan. Citizens from 18 to 55 can apply.
    7, Fun Store
    The store ranked 7th in the latest China's top ten loan companies. Fun Store can help you buy goods in installments, and can also help withdraw cash.
    8, Victoria Goldenke
    VI Cindee is a loan company listed in Hong Kong. Its Victoria Card loan and star money bag can provide you with a loan of no more than 50,000 yuan.
    9. Xiaoying Technology
    Small winning technology is ranked 9th in the latest China's top ten loan companies. Xiaoying's Xiaoying Card loan can provide you with up to 150,000 yuan of loans, and you can apply for basic information such as credit cards.
    10, Paipai Loan
    is located at the end of the latest China's top ten loan companies, and it is a loan company auction loan. Paipai loans can provide you with a loan of no more than 200,000 yuan, supporting a 7*24 -hour application.

  2. A good loan company recommends Moorelon, focusing on the loan -aid industry for 10 years, serving customers of 3.2 million , and an average annual offering of 13 billion . The platform is reliable and trustworthy.

    Washer loan company requires the borrower to meet the following conditions:
    1. The borrower must be 18 years old and is a Chinese citizen with complete civil behavior;
    2, the borrower There is a local resident account or effective residence status;
    3, the borrower must have good credit records, the ability to pay back to the principal and interest of the loan; ;
    5, the guarantee that can be provided by the lender;
    6, other loan conditions required by the loan company.

    wants to know more information about loans, and recommend consulting Moore. Moorelon is headquartered in Chengdu and is currently opened in Chengdu, Beijing, Chongqing and other places. Relying on strong Internetization and information technology research and development and operation capabilities, excellent management teams and resource integration advantages, strive to build industry standards in customer acquisition, marketing, operation, and product design links to provide customers with lower interest rates, more valuable value Loan products. Moorelon's loan products come from the partners, including traditional banks, emerging consumer finance companies and small loan companies, which are trustworthy.

  3. Beijing Yirong (Beijing Loan) is very good to handle loans and good online evaluations. It is also reliable to go to the company to inspect on the spot. Finally, I decided to handle it in their house. I need a lot of money. Interests are also in the scope I bear.

  4. It is recommended that the Shanghai Five -color Earth Mortgage Consultant Co., Ltd., the old brand of 9 years, can search for the Shanghai five -color soil official website in detail.

  5. State -owned banks such as ICBC, Agricultural Bank, Post Bank and other state -owned banks are the best. This will be at ease. Do n’t worry about usullane and the like. Other regional local banks can also be. It's just that they have a certain difficulty, after all, they are not worried about it, and there are too many bad debts. Or, it is Alipay's commercial loan, which is more believed in Alipay's reputation.

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