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  1. The value of home appliance cleaning: solve the hidden dangers brought by the pollution of home appliances, and at the same time make every customer who is exposed to be happy and happy.

    The health hazard brought by the pollution of home appliances, I don't need to explain it. I said why the value of our service contains customers happy. You cleaned the client's hood washing machine and other appliances, which only met his basic needs, and only let him recognize your service. In the process of contacting customers, you make your customers happy and happy, indicating that you are a person who can bring happiness to others. It is a kind of ability to be comfortable, which can truly pull into the distance between you and customers. The cleaning effect is satisfactory, and the customer is happy. This is the result of a standard. If you do not let your customers happy, you two are just buying and selling relationships. There is no client spontaneous referral. (The driver of interests can also be introduced)

    The services contained in the cleaning of home appliances are: hood, air conditioning, water heater, solar energy, washing machine, microwave oven, refrigerator and other appliances in depth. The question is -Are these customers' awareness of self -initiative to seek cleaning services?

    I. After I served about 50 customers, I sought different cleaning services by seeking different cleaning services, as well as in -depth exchanges and analysis with customers. I divide all the cleaning items into two categories.

    This washing is divided into one category.

    It air conditioning, washing machine, water heater, refrigerator, microwave oven solar appliance cleaning is divided into another category.

    Why do you classify this? In fact, there is only one reason. The cleaning of the range hood is known to consumers, and there are many people who do it. Consumers are actively seeking services. This cleaning service has matured in the market. The most people do, they are just needed, so I divided into separate categories.

    . Why do I divide other items into another? I served more than 2,000 families in Xi'an and found that 90%of consumers did not clean up the air conditioner, washing machine, water heater and other appliances before receiving the cleaning service. That is to say Things. 90%of people do not know that air conditioners and washing machines need to be cleaned regularly (many consumers are soaked in washing machines with dedicated cleaning agents. I don't know if it will be so dirty.

    But the customer is conscious and willing to pay, but the vast majority of consumers do not know that the hood's home appliances are so dirty and need to be cleaned regularly.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the first step: First of all, we must first find our own positioning. Before we promote it, we must determine our coverage. Most of them are in several communities. Research, how many peers nearby? How big they are? What is their market share? What are their characteristics? Their price? wait. The so -called confidant knows the other. Step 2: After determining that our products analyze all the information of the surrounding peers, we must determine our own products. For example, the hood washing is 169 yuan, and their market share in the nearby nearby is 50% of 50% The above, their characteristics are: After cleaning, they will give customers some small gifts, such as cleaning small tool packs: there are rubber gloves in it, the cleaning agent of the trial installation, etc., as well as marketing activities, such as new customer activities, old customer activities We need to have a product thinking. After the product is improved, we continuously increase our customers through activities. The third step: Channel promotion simply write several channel methods to discuss with everyone, the coverage of independent entrepreneurs is not wide So we can simply divide the promotion method into two forms: online and offline. Online is mainly WeChat, supplemented by others. WeChat is divided into WeChat group, WeChat public account, WeChat friends. In fact, the simplest and most effective way is to add WeChat and promote through the way of friends. Let's talk about the first step: How to get WeChat? There are not many ways to obtain user WeChat, 1. Recommended by friends; 2. Actively add. Friends recommend to share through old customers, and actively adding user WeChat need to use some clever land; for example: sending eggs, at the entrance of the community, you can get 3-5 eggs who add WeChat, and the effect is also very good. WeChat group, of course, the owner's WeChat group is the best. Don't advertise. Let's talk to you first. After mixing with everyone, everyone will naturally contact you. It is crucial to get everyone's trust. Offline is mainly to do activities to obtain users' WeChat or directly generate orders. Foreign industry cooperation is promoted and promoted by giving stores or property benefits. Offline activities are face -to -face communication with users, so the first impression is very important. Image, is there any uniform work clothes. If conditions permit, you can add equipment display to show hard power. All in all, there are many ways to produce orders, but those who are suitable for ourselves are the best. We have a special industry exchange group, and there are more complete promotion plans in it

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