How many types are there in agricultural sprayers? What are the differences in the use of each type?

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  1. How many types are there in agricultural sprayers? What are the differences in the use of each type? Today we just introduce it to friends who participate in the planting industry for reference!
    . The type of sprayer
    M common sprayers include bending sprayer, pedal sprayer, stretcher -type motor sprayer, electric ultra -low -volume sprayer, bearing motor spray spraying machine, tractor traction air delivery spray spray Planet and other. Among them, the current types are carriers, pedal sprayers, and motor sprayers.
    . How to use the sprayer
    1, bearing sprayer. There are currently two types of rod type and electric type. The rod type must be pressed in one hand, holding the spray with one hand; the electric type uses a battery, which is light and effort. It is currently a common spraying tool in rural areas.

    When the bearing sprayer is used, it should be pressed first, and then open the switch spray. The pressure should be uniform and the pressure cannot be too large, so as not to damage the sprayer. After spraying, clean the sprayer, and pay attention to maintenance after use.
    2, pedal sprayer. The pedal sprayer is mainly composed of pedals, liquid pumps, gas chambers and pressure rods. The structure is simple and the pressure is high. It requires two people to cooperate with operations. It is more labor -saving and low in cost.

    During the use of use, the first is to keep the lubrication of the plunger of the liquid pump and keep the oil in the oil injection hole. Turn the oil cover for a long time. After use, discharge the inner medicinal solution in the machine and then rinse it with water.
    3, motor sprayer. The motor sprayer is a sprayer driven by diesel engines, gasoline engines, or motors. Generally, spray heads can be used when spraying leaf mites and aphids to control some large pests. When spraying the medicine, constantly stir the medicine liquid in the barrel to prevent precipitation. After spraying the medicine, clean the sprayer with water. Dowry the pump and in -tube medicinal solution.

    The common faults in the process of using the motor spray cannot suck water, insufficient pressure, poor atomization, and abnormal machine sound. Put the potion in the machine without a sprayer in winter, and apply lubricating oil to prevent rust.

  2. Agricultural sprayer is generally divided into three types, which are mobile, electric, and manual; mobile sprayer generally uses a high cost, and the operation of the operation is relatively poor. The electric sprayer is relatively convenient to use, and the sales volume It is also better, but for manual sprayers, the efficiency is relatively low, it is not operating with a large intensity area.

  3. According to the power, it can be divided into three types, manual, electric and maneuverability; the manual type requires hand shake to spray, the operator is easily wet by the medicinal solution; the electric sprayer is well operated, but the maintenance is more troublesome; No special operation is required, but maintenance is more troublesome.

  4. Manual, electric, maneuver, this is a common type. Manual is manually adding pressure to use it. The electric ones only need to press the button. The motor sprayer will be sprayed with pesticides.

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