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  1. Watermelon can be said to be the most popular fruit, none of them. In the hot summer, we couldn't wait to bite a bite of ice watermelon. But have eaten watermelon for so many years.
    It Jincheng No. 5 plants grow strongly. The 5-7 of the main vine is the first female flower, the fruit is oval, the fruit surface is smooth, and more than 10 dark green tooth strips on the green bottom. Red, juicy, crispy meat, 10.9%in the center of folding in the center. Shanlou weighs 6-8 kg.
    Huang Xiaoyu: Early maturity, Huangye small fruit-type gift watermelon, high and round fruit, 2 kg of melon weighing, moderate growth potential, high fruit properties, 3-5 melons in a single plant, suitable for suitable for a melon, suitable for suitable Early ripening cultivation of greenhouses listed in April to May. The flesh is bright yellow, the flesh is crispy, the sugar content is 13%, the peel is thick and green, with dark black thick stripes, the peel is 3 mm thick, the storage and transportation is resistant to transportation.

    The treasure of rainbow melon: innovative high -end gift watermelon, exquisite and beautiful melon, red orange, milk yellow, horizontal cutting appears as rainbow, the meat is tender and juicy, the entrance, the entrance, the entrance, the entrance That is, the content of the central soluble solids is more than 13.5%, which is sweet to melon skin.
    sered seed watermelon: Seed -free watermelon uses the principle of three -twice infertility to cultivate success. The main method is: choose excellent twice the seed watermelon species, and after artificial mutation, forming four times; the four -fold variety as the mother, the double body with seed watermelon as the parent, and the sexual hybrid Popular seeds; planted with duplex seeds and pollination with duplex body watermelon to get seedless watermelon.

    The most expensive watermelons in the world: Black skin watermelon is almost the most expensive watermelon in the world, $ 121 (about 757 yuan), produced in Japan. This kind of black and smooth watermelon is said to have a special sweetness that grows only in Hokkaido, with only 100 annual output. The most expensive one weighs 17 pounds (about 7.7 kg), and in 2008, 6,100 US dollars (about RMB 38,200) became a "fighting melon" in watermelon. Gourd, thick meat, heavy. The general weight is 7 to 10 catties, and the big one weighs about 20 to 30 catties; the melon skin is about 1.5 cm thick, which is a raw material for making honey. The watermelon sauce made of it is clear.

    The early spring red jade: It is a hybrid generation, an extremely early precocious small red watermelon. Planting in spring, harvesting in May, mature 35 days after the fruit. Summer and autumn planting, harvested in September, matured 25 days after the fruit. The appearance of this variety is long oval, with clear green bottom stripes, stable plants, 0.4-0.5 cm thick, crispy and tender and refreshing with colorful red meat, more than 12.5 centered sugar, single melon weighing 2.0 kg Essence

  2. Kirin melon, black beauty watermelon, hybrid version of seedless watermelon, Annong No. 2 watermelon, early spring red jade watermelon, etc. Among them, the seedless watermelon is more popular.

  3. The watermelon varieties include small angels, red tigers, young children, red Xiaoyu, Huang Xiaoyu, Jingxiu, Black King Kong, Qingfa Dark Horse, Huamei Guanlong and so on.

  4. 1 Early spring red jade: spring and summer can be planted. The colorful bright red meat is crispy and refreshing. The sugar degree is about 12.5 or more, the single melon weighs 2.0 kg, and the fresh -keeping time is relatively long. The melon skin is black, so it is called black beauty
    3 Seed -free watermelon: there is no seed in the melon, breeding and planting each year
    4 flower skin watermelon: oval, large melon, light green and dark green in each other.
    5 Special small phoenix watermelon: round, melon skin bars, yellow
    6 honey treasure: wax powder on the surface when cooked

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