5 thoughts on “The gold jewelry is dirty for a month, and it is as bright as the cleaning method.”

  1. In daily life, many friends like to wear gold jewelry to embellish it, but the golden jewelry is very dirty and dull after wearing it for a long time. What should I do if the golden jewelry is dirty after wearing it for a long time? Today, I will share with you a tips for cleaning the gold jewelry. The golden jewelry that was washed immediately was as bright as new, and a lot of heavy weights solved many people's troubles. Let's take a look at how to clean it!
    During the wearing of gold and silver jewelry, the sweat and oil on the body will gradually lose the gloss of the jewelry itself, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. You can use toothpaste to clean and soap and water to clean the gold and silver jewelry. Regardless of the use of a toothpaste or soapy water, the method of cleaning is similar. Use a toothbrush to dip the toothpaste or soapy water, and gently wash it on the gold and silver jewelry. Finally, rinse it with water. The dirt was cleaned and the luster of the jewelry was restored.
    can also prepare a container and pour some baking soda in it. Baking soda not only has the effect of cleaning stains, but also adsorption can adsorb the dust and stains in the gaps of gold jewelry. Then squeeze into some detergent into the container. Pour some water and stir well. Throw the dirty golden jewelry in and soak for 3 minutes.
    In after the soaking time, take the gold jewelry and squeeze some toothpaste and use a toothbrush to brush. Toothpaste has a clean effect. Secondly, it contains a grinding agent to clean the stubborn stains on the gold jewelry. Finally, after the brush is finished, throw the gold jewelry into the solution in the water. After the cleaning, the golden jewelery was as bright as new, and a lot of weight.

  2. In our daily life, many relatives and friends like to wear some gold and silver jewelry. Like the elders of the mother, they like to bring gold or silver accessories. They will feel that they can be decorated and preserved. Some young friends will buy some tide decorations such as diamond platinum to match clothes. But these gold and silver jewelry are not brought every day, and sometimes they put them at home.
    In I do n’t know if you find it. If these gold and silver jewelry do n’t wear it for a long time, it will become dim, without the previous luster. If you want to take it out, you will feel dirty, and you don't have face. So is there any way to clean these gold jewelry and become the same as the newly bought? In fact, it is very simple, we only need to prepare a container and some baking soda. Pour the soda into the container, add some detergent to the container, and pour in water and stir well.

    The dull dirty jewelry is soaked inside at this time, soaking for about three or four minutes. Soaked and packed out, squeezed a little toothpaste on it, and brushed it with a toothbrush. After brushing it, wash it with water, so you can get the same gold jewelry as newly bought, which feels high. Is it amazing?

    It this is because the substances contained in the baking soda have the effect of cleaning stains, which can be adsorbed on the dust and impurities of packed. The effect of detergent is also obvious and has strong cleaning ability. After soaking in this mixed water, use a toothpaste toothbrush with a good cleaning ability to brush, and the stains are naturally easy to fall. Learn this trick without going to the gold jewelry shop to clean the jewelry!

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