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  1. You can distinguish gold plating and pure gold
    Gold jewelry

    n n Foot gold: "Gold", "GOLD990" or "G990" mark. It refers to the gold jewelry with no less than 990 among the thousands of points.
    Thousands of gold: "Thousands of Gold", "GOLD999" or "G999" mark. Refers to the gold jewelry of gold with no less than 999 among the thousands of points.
    k gold: "8K", "14K", "18K" or "24K" markers. Refers to the precious metal jewelry from 8K to 24K (1K = 4.1666%), such as 18K gold jewelry, and the gold content is 75%. rn彩色金:彩金其实就是K金的一种,就是在黄金中配以各种其它金属如:铝、银、镉、钯等,使首饰呈现出紫红、粉红、蓝、绿、 Gray and other colors. Therefore, its mark is also consistent with K gold marks.
    The silver jewelry (generally 18K gold)
    foot silver: "Foot silver" mark or marked according to the actual content. It refers to the ratio of the silver content in the jewelry less than 990.
    925 Silver: "Silver 925" or "S925" mark. It refers to the size of the silver content in the jewelry less than 925, which is the most common silver jewelry.

  2. Gold jewelry refers to jewelry made of gold as the main raw material. The golden chemical symbol is AU, the gravity is 17.4, and the hardness of Mobi is 2.5. Gold jewelry can be divided into two categories: pure gold and gold. The gold content of pure gold jewelry is more than 99 %, up to 99.99 %. Therefore, it is also known as the ninety -nine gold / full gold and red gold.nGold jewelry is a jewelry made of other metals (such as silver and copper) to the golden materials, also known as gold and color gold. Due to the number of other golden careers, different K kills of gold jewelry are formed.nIn gold jewelry, the pure gold jewelry texture is soft, the teeth are bite, and it is easy to bend. The color is golden, pure, soft, heavy, and a heavy feeling. K gold jewelery is hard, the teeth are bitter, and the color is yellow in yellow, and it is reduced according to the golden numbers. The white is gradually increased and the yellow is gradually shallow. The feel of gold jewelry is not as heavy as pure gold jewelry. In addition, whether it is pure gold or K has seals, the seals on gold jewelry, useful gold, and an English letter. The corresponding K number is marked. In addition, the jewelry also marks the seal of the origin of different manufacturers.nGold plating jewelry is plated on the surface of other metal jewelry on the surface of the electroplating method. The color is similar to the real gold jewelry. The golden light is bright, and it is difficult to identify when it is new. However, the gold jewelry feels similar, the texture is harder, the teeth are bitten by the yuan, and it is easy to fade with a long time. Some of the poor buildings are not red or white, or they are white or blooming.nBao gold jewelry refers to 24 or 22K gold foil on other gold eagle surfaces, such as the pressure of the golden box, which is very low, and its softness is poor. Bao Jinshuo is similar to that of real gold jewelry. The golden light is sparkling and it is not easy to fade, making it difficult for people to distinguish. However, if you carefully observe the depression, angle, back, etc. of the jewelry, you can find that there are uneven gold foil and the phenomenon of tilting edges. Li Bai. In addition, the feel of the gold jewelry is also lighter, the texture is harder than the pure gold jewelry, the teeth are bitten by the meta marks, and it is not easy to bend.nWhether it is gold jewelry, gold jewelry, or copper jewelry, it is generally not printed with gold jewelry. Or it is different from gold jewelry. Some jewelry is engraved with English letters GK. Or the signature is vague and crooked. Consumers should identify whether there are printing on the jewelry, whether the printing is in compliance with the above provisions, whether the printing is clear, etc., to determine the authenticity of gold jewelry.

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