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  1. The activity plan is a written plan for the specific activities that will be carried out, and the detailed analysis and research of each step to determine the smooth and successful progress of the activity. Below I will bring you the community creative activity plan in 2022. I hope everyone likes it!

    The community creative activity plan in 2022 1
    Activity date:
    March 9.
    The event location:
    Kanghua Community Communist Party
    Activity purpose:
    The Duan Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival in China. Through the Dragon Boat Festival, you can learn more about China's traditional festivals and experience our traditional Chinese traditional festivals. The meaning of the festival. One of the sources of the Dragon Boat Festival is to commemorate Qu Yuan. We also have to miss Qu Yuan through the Dragon Boat Festival event -the singing and respectable patriotic poet. To this day, the Dragon Boat Festival is still a very popular festival. Today we have come to a particularly meaningful Dragon Boat Festival.
    The activity content:
    The fresh dumplings and preserved eggs that are packed in vacuum packaging are distributed to each resident of the community, allowing residents to spend a festive Dragon Boat Festival.
    The activity method:
    1. Post notifications in the community publicity column, so that the majority of residents know that the community will issue Dragon Boat Festival gifts before the Dragon Boat Festival.
    2. From June 5th to June 9th, each resident of the community office is received by the residents to receive the household registration book.
    In such activities, let the community residents have a mutual understanding and understanding, increased and increased the enthusiasm of residents to participate in community activities, so that we have come into contact with the Dragon Boat Festival up close and have a deeper understanding of it.
    In June 1, on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, the "Dragon Boat Festival Gentle Textors" hosted by the Civil Affairs Bureau of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou -Starlight Ping'an President Dragon Boat Festival condolences will kick off in a warm atmosphere Essence
    The event was planned by the Yuexiu District Community Service Center, and was assisted and supported by the Volunteer Work Association of Yuexiu District and the Elderly Service Center of Yuexiu. On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival We gave a holiday greeting, and the old man from Ping Anbao, the representative of the Chamber of Commerce, gave 100 Dragon Boat Festival condolences.
    At the event site, Deputy Director Ye Xinping of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Guangzhou City and President Guo Yiqun from the Food Chamber of Food Chamber of Commerce in Guangzhou City sent the festival congratulatory and graceful condolences to the 30 Ping Anbao elderly people present. The event scene was quite active, and a series of interactive games drove a festive atmosphere. Since then, the leaders of the Civil Affairs Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce sit around the elderly, taste tea while eating fresh fragrant rice dumplings, which shows a warm festival. The event also arranged a question and answer session. The problems were around the Dragon Boat Festival. The elders felt very happy when they felt the holiday gifts they got while feeling the atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival.
    On June 3rd, the Volunteer Association of Yuexiu District organized 40 masterpieces to send this festival condolences and gifts to the lonely, lonely, and difficult elderly people living in Yuexiu District. First of all, we conducted about 1 hour of door -to -door training to the volunteers to let them understand the ways and skills of communicating with the elderly; after that, they arranged for a group of people to visit the elderly. Volunteers asked the elders' physical conditions in detail, learned about their living conditions, and gave them festivals, so that they also enjoyed the joy of festival. The old people were happy and thanked the government for their care so that they had a happy old age.
    The community creative activities plan in 2022 2
    If labor creation history, labor creation brilliant, labor creation is beautiful, labor creates the future. On the occasion of the "May 1st" International Labor Day, Chongming will stand on the tide of history and use the most bold and bright voice of the workers. The pace welcomes a better future and casts the glory of Chongming!
    . The purpose of the event
    (1) praising the spirit of labor and celebrating the festivals of workers around the world.
    (2) Promote the new image of Chongming today, showing the image and charm of workers in various industries.
    (3) Highlighting industrial workers are the main force of Chongming's glory.
    . Value positioning
    This planning to operate this literary performance is precisely planned.
    (1) The praise of advocating labor creation, promoting the spirit of labor, and praising workers.
    (2) The collection number of Chongming Industrial Workers "Be a good Army".
    (3) The construction achievement of Chongming County Mayor Xing Industrial Base and a centralized display of a better future.
    . The main style of the literary show
    The celebrities at the entire scene, the grand and rich literary performances began to celebrate the festival of the workers! It will also organize a batch of mechanical equipment (such as mixer trucks, car cranes, transport vehicles and other large machinery and equipment), and red hanging color to create an atmosphere; large -scale color fireworks performances will be designed at the scene. The main style highlights the spiritual style of contemporary industry workers "being a good army", and will convey strong social information and far -reaching cultural connotations.
    . The stage structure of the literary show
    The first -class stage designer setting setting. Considering the performance time and the theme of the event, the overall style of the stage adopts a bright and bright stage background. The big background is based on the high -definition LED screen, and it is integrated with the entire performance scene, creating a strong artistic effect. The axis part of the stage extends to the "T" stage. The above -mentioned organic combination is integrated. It provides full interactive space for the display of stage art and industrial workers. It reflects the main redness of the red, supplemented by flowers, plants, ribbons, etc.
    5. The event performance lineup
    The art performance is the main body of group performances that workers like to hear and the first line of Chongming. The current representative Shenzhen migrant workers' group dance group, the labor model, and front -line stars of the Republic of China, the Republic of the Republic will celebrate the festival of Chongming. If there is a schedule conflict, the performance groups and actors of the same specifications and standards will be selected.
    . The content of the content of the art show
    (1) Performance forms
    The performance forms including labor songs, singing and dancing performances, Northeast Two people, magic acrobatics, and chorus in the audience. Promote the positive, enthusiastic, hard -working and hard -working spirit of industrial workers in the new period; present a new look of the rapid development of Chongming's social development. The content and rhythm of the entire performance are reflected with the theme of the event.
    (2) Performance content level
    350 %:
    "Three" — that is, the three goals of this event: praise the spirit of labor, celebrate the festival of workers all over the world ; Promote the new image of Chongming today, showing the image and charm of workers in various industries; highlighting that industrial workers are the main force of Chongming's glory and a solid force for building merit.
    "Five" —— The entire performance contains five levels. The purpose of the above three activities through these five levels, 350 %! The collective flag granting ceremony will push the entire performance to a climax!
    1. Huan Song Red May -Labor songs, workers and stars chorus.
    2. Labor casting brilliant — Chongming is wonderful because of the workers, and it is created by both hands.
    3. Workers' exhibition style -front -line workers on stage shows the enthusiasm and new style of Chongming workers.
    4. Flowers to send labor models — the model workers of different periods, and the young pioneers presented flowers to the representatives to praise the spirit of labor.
    5. Be a good military forces to build merits __ five -old laborers and leaders collectively grant flags to the new era "Workers' Pioneer" to inherit the spirit of labor.
    (3) Performance content
    Preface -Play of Chongming Industrial Workers' panoramic image film
    The worker square array pull song competition
    Live waist drums, lion dance performances
    1. Open field Large -scale song dance
    2. Solo
    3. Shenzhen migrant hip -hop (or by the representative of Chongming Industrial Workers)
    4. Two people in the Northeast
    5, magic acrobatics performance
    6. Song and Dance Performance
    7. Flying songs in the times -offering flowers to different eras of workers, old model workers and leaders to give the new era "Workers Pioneer" collective flag ceremony
    8, migrant workers and and and with Star cooperation performance
    9. The singing of the first -line stars
    10. The audience chorus song and dance "Our workers have the strength", invited the famous conductor to conduct on -site command.
    11. Color fireworks, the audience whistle.
    The activity time is 1.5 hours.
    The video of the industrial worker image short script.
    Seven. Media participation
    The live broadcast of Chongming TV Station, municipal TV station recording and broadcasting. At the same time, contact Dongfang.com to implement real -time live broadcasts around the world, covering hundreds of millions of audiences. The performance of this station's performance from the stage design, performance lineup, and broadcasting methods highlights high -standard, atmospheric, large -capacity, and large information performance styles.
    , the cost of literary show expenses
    (1) Preliminary planning and preparation fee __ million yuan
    (2) stage construction and audio, LED and other stage facilities __ million yuan r
    (3) Performance costs __ million yuan
    (4) Chongming Industrial workers HD panoramic image TV production __ million yuan
    (5) Other __ million yuan
    2022 community creativity Activity Plan 3
    . Guidance thought:
    Hiries to further implement the spirit of the "Kindergarten Education Guidance Outline", take family education and community education as the core, actively create a good atmosphere and environment, and strive to run parents well The school attaches importance to cooperation education synchronized with parents to improve the level of family education. At the same time, it provides services for early education in the community. Relying on the community, with kindergarten as the early education guidance center, and gradually forming an early education guidance network that radiates to the family. Effectively improve the quality, enthusiasm, and effectiveness of cooperative education with kindergarten, and strive to integrate kindergartens with family education and community services.
    . Work objectives:
    1. Participate in the management of the park and play the role of bridge. Strive to create an educational environment for the combination of homeland, improve the intimacy and harmony of parent -child relationships, teacher -student relationships, and family relationships.
    2. Create a education environment and improve the effectiveness of guidance.
    3. Rich activity forms to ensure the quality of activity.
    4. Based on community services and do a good job of publicity.
    . Specific measures:
    (1) Participate in the management of the park and play the role of bridge.
    1. Actively play the role of the family committee, led by the group family committee to play the role of members of each class committee.
    2. Establish a home committee QQ group. The class committee members of the class and members of the class committee are required to establish a QQ group to give full play to the role of the parent committee's bridge, participate in management and supervision of all aspects of kindergarten work, and improve the quality of the park. Members of the family committee are required to participate in the preparation and planning of major activities in kindergartens, and to truly provide suggestions for the development of kindergartens.
    (2) Create a education environment and improve the effectiveness of guidance.
    1 1. Carry out a theme lectures to improve the level of family education guidance.
    (1) The parental questionnaire survey form is issued. For "common problems", according to the needs of parents, the parent teaching activities are carried out in the park level or class.
    (2) Invite "Family Education Instructor" to give parents a special family education guidance lecture, refresh the educational concept, and improve the guidance ability.
    2. Carry out salon research activities. It is required to carry out exchanges and discussions around the "focus issues" and "hot issues" in the class, and effectively solve the "true" problem in interactive exchanges.
    3. Parents with the theme. At the meeting, in addition to introducing the class situation to parents, it is more important to conduct special lectures, special discussions, and experience exchanges on some issues that everyone cares about. The main points of education and "how to cultivate children's self -care"; the middle team uses "how to stimulate children's learning interest?" And "how to strengthen the cultivation of children's behavior habits"; "Sexual?" And "how to do a good job of the young" lectures, so as to enrich the education experience of parents, to form consensus, maintain the consistency of home education, and form an educational force.
    . Use the publicity window to play the role of the window. In addition, use window publicity columns, class webpage publishing, publishing outstanding tutor papers, and promoting parenting experience. At the same time, parents are encouraged to write childcare experience and actively participate in submission.
    5. Do a good job of communication and pay attention to the development of children.
    (1) Do a good job of random home visits. Teachers are required to make full use of the time to take the child to communicate with the parents of the parents at home and make a good record.
    (2) Book of "Baby Growth Record". Sending and receiving on time allow both parties to understand the situation of children in the garden, living, learning, and health in time.
    (3) The network is often connected and the homeland road is connected. Use the websites opened by the garden and class to communicate the kindergarten education content and the tutor forum through the website. Persist in sending personalized text messages to each child every month.
    (3) Rich activity form to ensure the quality of activity.
    1. Meet the needs of parents and open half -day activities to parents. Through the half -day activity, the distance between the teacher and the parents, forming an educational force, and effectively promoting the development of children.
    2. Continue to develop parental assistant resources. Combined with the "plantation garden", parents will launch a series of activities such as planting, management, and harvest.
    3. Do a good job of parental questionnaires and give full play to the role of parent supervision.
    . Encourage parents to participate in the creation of the kindergarten environment, collect and make game materials, and enrich the content of the game activities. Parents of each class are required to make full use of semi -finished products or waste materials to carry out environmental protection activities every semester to establish environmental protection concepts.
    5. Carry out various parent -child activities. Parents can be invited to the park to participate in parent -child game activities through festivals, promote the feelings between children and parents through activities, enhance the friendship between teachers and parents, and improve communication and guidance.
    (4) Based on community services and do a good job of publicity.
    1. Strengthen community connection and serve community culture.
    (1) The kindergarten should take the initiative to strengthen communication and connection with the community neighborhood committee, and strive for the cooperation and support of the community, so that the connection between kindergartens and the community can be carried out smoothly.
    (2) The kindergarten should enter the community for home education and propaganda, improve the family education awareness of community members, and actively promote the education policy of the community residents; the correct educational concept, scientific parenting knowledge, kindergarten leaders and experienced teachers regularly Go to the community to give lectures on tutoring scientific knowledge.
    2.0 ~ 3 years old to enter the household guidance to provide services for early education in the community.
    The household guidance work of the community 0 to 3 years old and scattered children, relying on the community, taking kindergarten as the early education guidance center, and gradually forming an early education guidance network that radiates family radiation.
    (1) Strengthen community propaganda and raise the understanding of the importance of early education in the community. The meaning and tasks of early education can be vigorously promoted through kindergarten publicity, window, and banners.
    (2) Open collective education activities to parents and children in the community to form an educational model of childcare integration.
    The community creative activity plan in 2022 4
    . The background of the activity
    is to vigorously promote the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, sing the theme of "our festival", combined with the requirements of the higher -level civilization office activities, During the Dragon Boat Festival, it is planned to use the special folk characteristics of the Dragon Boat Festival to carry out the theme activities of "Our Festival? Dragon Boat Festival".
    . Activity time
    June 18 years
    . Activity location
    __ residents' home
    . Community
    . Participants
    Community staff, community volunteers
    6. Event content
    (1) Carry out Chinese classic recitation activities.
    It to carefully organize Chinese classic recitation activities, read the Dragon Boat Festival folk poetry, Qu Yuan poetry and classic patriotic poetry, etc., and penetrate patriotism education throughout the theme of "Our Dragon Boat Festival" theme activities, guide everyone Receive patriotic education in the event, experience the charm of traditional culture, promote Chinese traditional virtues, and enhance patriotic emotions.
    (2) Organize the "three care" volunteer service activities.
    During the Dragon Boat Festival, community staff actively organized various types of volunteers into the community to make gifts such as moral models, left -behind children, lonely elderly, poor households, empty nest elderly people, sent to condolences, dumplings and other gifts to accompany them to spend the Dragon Boat Festival together festival. Carry out activities such as eating "love" and "Lianxinzhu" to spend the Dragon Boat Festival in a happy and peaceful atmosphere.
    (3) Carry out "Our Festival · Dragon Boat Festival" folk experience activities.
    A actively carried out various folk cultural activities such as bun dumplings, kicking dumplings, and the content of health care knowledge was integrated during the event. Fresh knowledge of daily health care.
    This should be combined with the work of "clean camps" in our district to carry out in -depth health remediation activities, vigorously rectify the environmental hygiene of courtyard living rooms and office spaces, clear the dead corners of health, enhance people's ecological civilization consciousness, and create a clean and beautiful environment.
    The community creative activity plan in 2022 5
    The development trend of the ages of society, on the occasion of the Chung Yeung Festival and the Old Man's Day in the traditional festival, the __ Community Trade Union hosts a series of warm -hearted Old Man Day activities to use the community to use the community The unique resource advantages will organize the elderly residents of the community and the elderly comrades from all levels of the society, carry out literary performances, organize young people to carry out voluntary services, and organize the elderly in the jurisdiction to participate in the free consultation of the health service center as the main content. It aims to stimulate the enthusiasm of community residents to respect the elderly and love the elderly.
    . Activity time:
    . The location of the activity:
    __ community
    . The form of activity:
    1. Literary show.
    2. Volunteer volunteers come to the door to serve the elderly.
    3. Send Chongyang cakes for the elderly over 80 years of age.
    . The community health service center organizes free consultations.
    . Participants:
    Prown residents, youth volunteers, community cultural and sports teams, health service centers staff 5. Specific activities:
    1. Send Chongyang Cake: The person in charge of the grid and Lou Chang came to the door to send Chongyang cakes for the elderly over 80 years old to condolences to the festivals.
    . Volunteer service: During the event, community youth volunteers come to serve the lonely elderly people with inconvenient operations in the community to help them.
    3. Literature and Art Lianhuan: Start in the community courtyard at 3:30 pm, and perform programs by the community opera team, song and dance team, and fashion team.
    4. Free consultation: On the 12th, the community health service center organized a free consultation to quantitative blood pressure and side blood lipids for all elderly residents in the community.
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