1 thought on “What positions can I hold in the media industry when I just graduate?”

  1. 1. Unified media industry, paper media reporters, editors, artworks, etc., reporters from Guangzhou Media, program editors/telephone editors, hosts, etc., there are more TV media. Some reporters, cameras, post -production, special films also need a director, or a larger Taiwanese special film documentary to implement the producer system, it also requires a producer. Of course Experience and connections can take responsibility. With the development of the Internet, the employment direction of the media industry has also moved towards the Internet. Taking websites as an example, many websites have reporters/cameras/text/artists who coincide with the traditional media industry, as well as their own website editing, event planning, etc. post.
    2. In terms of micro -end, the main station/region/media (including paper, radio and television), including large companies/advertising companies, have their own Weibo operation and WeChat operation gaps, but generally, this gap will not be very large. Many jobs are even part -time or intern. There is no room for rise. The second time that such a job has been doing for a long time, it will also limit their business ability. It is not very recommended for some reason. In addition, a little more journalistic communication students can also enter advertising companies for employment, especially the ability of cameras, PS capabilities, and outstanding copywriting ability, but generally speaking, work intensity will be greater than the traditional media industry. Essence
    3. In general, there are still many posts in the media industry at this stage. Due to various reasons, people have a certain loss every year, so the gap has always been there. But quoting my leadership sentence, if I came out 10 years ago, if I came out, regardless of newspapers, radio, or television, they could be directly prepared through examinations or works, and life was worry -free. However, with the operation of the traditional media industry group, the tightening of the preparation of the mouth, the industry treatment of the traditional media industry, I believe that the subject is in college, and the teacher or professor should mention, that is, "news migrant workers", what is news, what is news, what is news, what is news, news, what is news, news, and what is news. Migrant workers, low salary, poor business capacity, low employment threshold, most of the practitioners do not have news ideals. Many colleagues around me, such as some colleagues around me, do not seek lean for the quality of news or other TV programs, but it is convenient and over. Many reporters who have been doing for more than a year still have no idea and focus during the interview. I think of what to ask, the choice of news or special films, and there is no coordination or planning consciousness. These are not conducive to the development of the media industry and the status quo of the traditional media industry. From these points, if the subject is a creative, unwilling to the status quo, I hope that the life is rhythmic and can reflect self -worth. Here I still recommend participating in the application of online media. In the past, some good online media have surpassed the traditional media in all aspects. Although the "Internet News Information Service Management Regulations" in 2005 stipulates that news websites and commercial websites can only be published or reproduced when they It is said that there is no right to interview online media and cannot conduct direct news originality, but in fact, most of the websites are doing news original work. Some paper media also have their own online platforms. There is no room for fisting, especially the main English is better. Now the online media is also relatively large in English. Of course, this is just the subjective view of the moon's full moon, and the ears of the students of other online media work. If you have bias, please point out.
    How media industry refers to the industrial group composed of media entity parts that spread various information and knowledge. Information products and special industries that provide various value -added services.

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