2 thoughts on “Isn't the diamond ring four -claw setting?”

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    The claw inlaid is the most common inlaid style, and it is also the most popular diamond ring style. Usually wedding rings are most classic with four -claws and six -claws. There is also a slight difference between them, so which style of six -claw diamond ring and four -claw diamond ring is better?

    The claws with longer metal claws (columns) tightly clasped the diamond. The biggest feature is that the metal rarely blocks the diamond, clearly presents the beauty of the diamond, and facilitates the light from different angles and incidents at different angles. Reflection makes the diamond look bigger and brighter. Moreover, the inlaid diamonds are very firm, and the carat diamond ring is generally used.

    Speaking of six -claw diamond ring and four -claw diamond rings, each with its own characteristics. You can select the wedding diamond ring that suits you according to the specific needs:
    The advantages of six -claw diamond ring: the biggest benefit is the diamond, Because it is six claws, the volume of each claw is relatively small, and the diamond itself is not very clear from the distance, so the diamond looks bigger. And because of the large number of claws, the inlay will be relatively firm.
    The disadvantages of six -claw diamond ring: Because there are more claws, there are more light blocking inside the diamond, so that there is no sufficient light to reflect and reflect in the inside, and the brightness and fire color of the diamond will be affected.

    The advantages of four -claw diamond ring: There is enough light to enter the inside of the diamond. After the reflection and refraction of each surface, the diamond will look very bright. Firecai can be fully displayed.
    The disadvantages of the four -claw diamond ring: Because there are only four claws, each claw is relatively large, so that it cannot be very good, and it will be relatively worse in the inlaid firmness.

    In general, the four -claw diamond ring is slightly brighter than the six -claw diamond ring, but the six -claw diamond ring is slightly more diamond than the four -claw diamond ring. The claws are loose or damaged. As long as the four claws are broken, the diamond will be dropped, and the six claws can be supported for a while, so as not to drop the diamonds for no reason.

    The four -claw diamond ring is not good or bad than the six -claw diamond ring, or it depends on which style personally likes. The four -claw selected square diamond can make the diamond larger, and the six -claw diamond ring is cut or cut or cuts or cuts or cuts it. The blue flame is brighter and more decentralized diamonds can increase the brightness. The biggest highlight of the diamond ring itself is style and gloss, so the choice of diamond ring to work hard from these two aspects.

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