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  1. How to clean the gold and silver jewelry?
    The discoloration or fading of gold jewelry is closely related to the human sweat. 99%of human sweats are water, and about 1%are waste and harmful substances in the human body, such as chlorine substitutes, lactic acid, urea ammonia, etc. After contacting the silver and copper in gold jewelry, these substances will produce chemical reactions, produce silver chloride and copper sulfide, and show dark black chemical salt. This kind of chemical salt is often dropped from gold jewelry to pollute the skin of the wearer, leaving a very obvious black stain on the skin. At present, cosmetics have also become one of the indispensable "characters" of people's lives. If you apply it on the skin of the gold jewelry, it will undoubtedly provide opportunities for cosmetics containing chemicals and the golden jewelry that is most afraid of chemical erosion, and the results can be imagined. Some cosmetics also contain some fine hard particles, which can form another type of dirt, thereby wear gold jewelry. Regional environmental factors may also make gold jewelry lose their bright color. For example: dry areas, the air contains more fine dust, and it will form a human sandpaper after the human body is contaminated. It can wear gold jewelry to erode very small debris and local black stains. It is worth mentioning that the refreshing powder or moisturizing cream also contains similar particles, which will also make gold jewelry barely like the above. Treatment method: Wash with soapy water mixed with a little alcohol and dry it after rinse.

    The silver jewelry generally sold on the market is 925 silver instead of 999 sterling silver, because 925 silver is a alloy silver made of other metals. It is also recognized as sterling silver, with a proportion of 7.5%alloy and 92.5%silver. Such silver forged jewelry is strong and difficult to wear and deform. Soft, the jewelry made by the sterling silver that has been added will take into account durability. It will not be deformed within a few days and the surface wear is too severe and requires continuous polishing. How to maintain sterling silver jewelry? The biggest cause of the oxidation of silverware is the oxygen in the air, so blocking air is the best way to maintain. For example, put the silver jewelry in a sealed plastic bag and then put it in the jewelry box to block the contact with the silverware. When oxidation, you can use silver washing water or silver cloth to brighten the silver jewelry, but the silver washing water is stronger, so please try to wipe it with silver cloth as much as possible. Rush the water and rub it softly, clean the surface of the surface, and blow dry with a hair dryer, otherwise the oxygen in the water will accelerate the silverware oxidation! In addition, soak in 90 degrees of alcohol for 12 hours, and blow it dry after cleaning; or squeeze the toothpaste on the dry cloth and directly test it. The effect is also very good.

  2. The gold is rusty, scrubbing with a soft brush dipped in toothpaste, flower dew, etc., it can remove the stains quickly and quickly, and remove the dirty things quickly.
    This do not have a detergent with particles to clean the gold, because they can cause additional wear, thereby reducing weight and increased losses.
    This silver gently wiped with soft toothpaste and dirty for a few minutes. In addition, washing silver cloth and silver washing water, but silver washing water was corrosive, and it was easy to cause a certain loss of silver.

  3. The jewelry is easy to dirty after wearing it for a long time. Try this trick, clean and clean as new
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  4. Do n’t clean it in the gold and silver jewelry, teach you a trick, you ca n’t remove the number

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  5. Use an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the "empty effect" as
    In the formation of micro -intense shock waves and high -speed shots to act on the surface of the cleaning objects, so that the dirt is quickly crushed and peeled, and the
    is high -quality, high -efficiency cleaning Purpose. It is like a tornado, rolling the dirt and oxide on the jewelry, and there is no dead ends in all directions, making the gold jewelry refreshing.

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