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  1. Xianning Xiangtian Trading Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company registered and established in Xian'an District, Xianning City, Hubei Province (a wholly-owned legal person investment or holding) in Xian'an District, Hubei Province. Essence
    The unified social credit code/registration number of Xianning Xiangtian Trading Co., Ltd. is that the corporate legal person Zheng Mi is currently in the opening state.
    The business scope of Xianning Xiangtian Trading Co., Ltd. is: wholesale and retail of drinking, tea, agricultural and sideline products, and local gods; tickets for diesel, methanol diesel, ethanol diesel, fuel methanol, tail gas cleaner; engaged in alcoholic alcoholic , Tea, solar photovoltaic boards, heat pump import and export business; operating telecommunications business. (Involved in licensed business projects, it should be obtained after the relevant departments are obtained before operation). Within the province, the registered capital of the current enterprise is average.
    In Baidu Enterprise Credit View Xianning Xiangtian Trading Co., Ltd. More information and information.

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